Be a Storage Provider has become the leader in onboarding new Storage Providers, or “SPs” onto the Filecoin network. With no initial cost, you can join the world’s largest decentralized storage network today. It is sponsored by some of the biggest names in the space such as PikNIk, Seagate, AMD, Supermico and Protocol Labs. The future of file storage is here! Begin your journey today. Below is a breakdown of Web3espa camp:


1 week – Las Vegas, NV

  • 4 days of intense and fun learning with hands-on sessions and on-site experts
  • After hours social events for the group
  • Electronic presentation material for participants to take back 
  • Participants recieve FIL loan to familiarize themselves with the Filecoin ecosystem


3 months – Remote

  • Weekly online sessions with dedicated staff for one-on-one review and collaborative insights
  • Plan on up to 8 hours per week per participant
  • Monthly online group sessions and roundtable discussions
  • ESPA will be simultaneously sealing 1PiB Raw Capacity as Committed Capacity


3 to 4 months – Remote

  • Go-to-market independently & participate in broader Filecoin ecosystem
  • Utilize Lotus online deals and Layer 2 tools like Estuary, CIDgravity, BidBot
  • Brainstorm and prepare business plan to expand Web3 Storage Providing capabilities
  • Access ESPA Fellows for consulting (#ESPA on Filecoin Slack)
  • Option to extend Residency period per ESPA leadership


  • Webcast presentation of redacted business plan and “Demo Day”
  • Storage system exit strategy: data transfer or surrender of system
  • Access to ESPA investor partners, “VC friends of the program”
  • Certification upon completion and evidence of proficiency
  • Participant to decide on next steps:
    • Extend operation and work use as a demonstration of business
    • Transfer FIL to operation after payoff of FIL collateral loan
    • Exit program after payoff of FIL collateral loan