Brave, Electric Coin Co., and Filecoin Foundation Join Forces to Revolutionize Privacy in the Brave Browser

Filecoin Brave Electric Coin Co. Partnership

This collaboration marks a significant step towards making private transactions and messaging a fundamental part of the online experience

At Messari Mainnet in New York on Friday, September 22, 2023, three innovative powerhouses have come together to reshape the landscape of online privacy. Brave, Electric Coin Co (ECC- Creators of Zcash)., and Filecoin Foundation have unveiled a strategic collaboration aimed at introducing cutting-edge privacy features to the Brave browser and its integrated Web3 wallet. This collaboration marks a significant step towards making private transactions and messaging a fundamental part of the online experience.

 Private and decentralized messaging feature

Brave, ECC, and Filecoin Foundation also teased plans to develop a new, privacy-based feature in the Brave browser that will offer private messages and media transmission via the Zcash protocol. InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) – the technology underlying the Filecoin protocol – will play a crucial role in providing secure storage for the encrypted content. Marta Belcher, President of the Filecoin Foundation was quoted:

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this important project. We believe cryptocurrency can be the foundation for a better Internet — an alternative to big tech that puts people in control of their own data, protects user privacy and security, and permanently preserves humanity’s most important information.

Internet data, as it stands now., is controlled by a few corporations, namely Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Consumer data is harvested and sold the highest bidder; privacy is almost non-existent. Brave, ECC and Filecoin are turning this model upside down, one in favor of the individual consumer.

The collaboration between Brave, Electric Coin Co., and Filecoin Foundation represents a major milestone in the pursuit of a more private and user-centric internet. Brave, known for its fast, privacy-oriented browser and blockchain-based digital advertising platform, is leading the charge in redefining the online experience for users, publishers, and advertisers alike.

With over 60 million monthly active users and 1.8 million Creators, Brave is driving Web3 adoption by seamlessly integrating it into the broader web through its privacy browser, independent search engine, and browser-native, multi-chain crypto wallet. Users can opt into privacy-respecting ads and earn rewards in the form of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), which they can redeem or use to support content creators. Learn more at

This integration underlines Brave’s unwavering commitment to blending privacy, transparency, and user choice. It empowers users with the ability to conduct private transactions alongside public ones, granting them greater control over their Web3 activities.

Zooko Wilcox, CEO of Electric Coin Co., encapsulates the essence of this partnership perfectly: “I’m excited about integrating Zcash into the Brave web browser because privacy should be normal. The Brave browser is a tool that tens of millions of people are using for everyday communication, web browsing, shopping, and other activities. This gives them access to money that respects their security and consent. I’m thrilled for this launch — and what’s to come — as a result of this partnership with Brave and Filecoin Foundation.”

A Glimpse into the Future

The partnership between Brave, Electric Coin Co., and Filecoin Foundation heralds a new era of online privacy, where users can engage in private transactions and communication without compromising their security. As these innovative organizations work together to make privacy the norm, we can look forward to a more private, secure, and user-focused internet where control over personal data is firmly in the hands of individuals. With this collaboration, the future of the internet is set to become a place where privacy, transparency, and user choice reign supreme, empowering users like never before.