Filet.Finance is Bringing Filecoin to DeFi

Filet Finance Filecoin Staking

With Filet.Finance, you can stake, earn, and borrow on a decentralized protocol built on Filecoin Virtual Machine straight from your blockchain wallet.

Filet Finance is helping bridge the gap between FIL holders and Filecoin mining through its FIL staking service. Filet connects storage providers who need Filecoin to sustain their operations and individuals or businesses that want to make passive income from their Filecoin holdings.

Filet’s product supports multi-chain staking, allowing Filecoin holders to choose their ideal decentralized network, such as BSC, Native FIL, or FVM networks. Filet is making a commitment to provide consistent services across all networks, so users can stake Filecoin using their own blockchain wallets. Say goodbye to centralized exchange staking, and hello to true decentralized finance aka DeFi.

Filet allows you to stake your coins for various lengths of time. We found the site to be easy to use, with clear instructions for users. Certik functions as their auditor, and all addresses are posted for anyone to easily track coins. As of writing, Filet has had a stable operation for 837 days with 957,436 accumulated TVL FIL. Be sure to do your own research, as does not provide investment advice. As of 9/11/2023 the full stats of Filet.Finance operational numbers are as follows:

837 Days Stable Operation

957436 FIL Accumulated TVL

741152 FIL Current TVL

164727 FIL Earnings Distributed

As per their website, below is a snapshot of some staking options, with their corresponding returns. The link for these terms is but always confirm that you are at the correct website before proceeding.

FIL Staking APY

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