STFIL Filecoin Staking

STFIL: Trustless, No Lock-Up Period Filecoin Staking 11.31% APY

STFIL represents a groundbreaking initiative as the inaugural community-driven, decentralized, and trustless liquid staking protocol introduced on the Filecoin Ecosystem (FEVM). Its core mission centers around establishing an inclusive platform for the Filecoin community, facilitating enhanced connectivity between FIL holders and Storage Providers. The ultimate objective is to amplify storage capacity and elevate the quality…

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Filet Finance Filecoin Staking

Filet.Finance is Bringing Filecoin to DeFi

With Filet.Finance, you can stake, earn, and borrow on a decentralized protocol built on Filecoin Virtual Machine straight from your blockchain wallet. Filet Finance is helping bridge the gap between FIL holders and Filecoin mining through its FIL staking service. Filet connects storage providers who need Filecoin to sustain their operations and individuals or businesses…

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