FILEDOGE: The First 100% Decentralized Meme Token and DEX on Filecoin.


FILEDOGE: Launched in April 2023 is showing persistence in the bear market.

FILEDOGE was airdropped to 4,000 holders and is a 100% community driven. Since the airdrop, the wallet count has ballooned to over 20,000 holders, and the price has surged by 150X. The entire source code of FILEDOGE is published on Github and is “dedicated to bringing the spirit of DOGE”s meme culture to the FIL ecosystem and beyond”, according to the official website.

There is no centralized team; only a level playing field that welcomes everyone. The founders are active members of the Filecoin community. According to their website, “the community members of FILEDOGE legion are a bunch of adventurous lunatics, shouting EAT ZERO OR RETURN TO ZERO!” FILEDOGE has active social media channels, and the token has recently been added to Lbank exchange. The FILEDOGE twitter handle has 18.8K followers, and posts regularly on token burns and exchange listings, all with humorous meme flair. The discord channel has 34,574 members with an active community as well. The 11th round token burn is scheduled for September 18,2023 and can be followed here. For a full disclosure of the distribution and burns, please check out the official website.

Meme culture is alive and well, and FILEDOGE definitely brings the vibes. will continue to follow the first meme token on Filecoin. So will FILEDOGE eat zeros? As the Filecoin ecosystem continues to grow, maybe this first meme token on Filecoin will make Filedogestory. Only time will tell.

Token Name : FILEDOGE
Max Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000

Twitter: @Filedogetoken
Telegram :